Vélos neufs

VSF Fahrrad Manufaktur*

Classic craftsmanship, modern technology.

We feel a particular obligation to fulfil the manufacturing ideals of our early days. To this day, all vsf fahrradmanufaktur bicycles are put together, built and carefully tested here at our Oldenburg manufactory in Lower Saxony. Special paint jobs are applied with great attention to detail as powder coatings on our own painting line in Oldenburg.

Today, as before, frames for particularly special models are manufactured by hand at a small south-German blacksmithing workshop focusing on the finest traditional craftsmanship. 

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Frappé Bike

A frame designed with cycling in mind. We have achieved a desirable look which is light and strong. It makes use of its active geometry and precise steering for a speedy getaway when you need it most. The complete package.  

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Omnium Bikes

Cette marque danoise a été créée en 2012 par Jimmi “Jumbo” Bargisen, un ancien livreur à vélo, qui ne trouvait pas le modèle qui lui convenait et a donc décidé de créer son propre modèle.

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Fuji Bikes

Before the automobile, before the airplane, Fuji began as a bicycle company – founded in 1899 and named for one of the world’s the most iconic peaks. In the 122 years since, the Fuji brand and its distinctive mountain logo have been synonymous with cycling and cyclists everywhere, which is why you still hear riders say, “My first bike was a Fuji.”

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Breezer Bike

When Joe Breeze hand-built the first modern mountain bike in 1977, Breezer became the world’s first mountain bike brand. As a lifelong cyclist who raced on the road and dirt and toured all over the world, Joe had dedicated his life to making bikes for every level of rider. Joe aimed to create bicycles with one goal: to deliver a bike that has a light and lively ride quality and that will put a smile on your face every time you head out the door for whatever adventure you choose.

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